Media and Public Writing

The Dangers Lurking in Israel’s Judicial Counterrevolution, Mosaic (March 28, 2023)

(פורסם ב-2.2.2023) ניתוח תוכנית לוין-רוטמן לשינוי מערכת המשפט – נטע ברק-קורן

The Levin-Rothman Plan for Altering the Israeli Justice System:A Comprehensive Analysis and Proposal for the Path Forward (English edition of the Hebrew paper above)

על הצודק ועל המסוכן ברפורמה המשפטית – טור לידיעות אחרונות

הרצאה על ניתוח תוכנית לוין-רוטמן לשינוי מערכת המשפט
ראיון בגלי צה״ל על ניתוח התוכנית
שיחה עם יואב רבינוביץ להסכת ״הכותרת״ על הבעיות ביחסי שלוש הרשויות והסכנות בתוכנית לוין רוטמן

**New** Above-the-fold coverage in Ha’aretz (English version in here) on a new research with Lotem Perry-Hazan analyzing the interrelations between religious norms and education law in Haredi all-boys school in Israel. Read our op-ed on the research here.

Press coverage in Ha’aretzGlobesYnet on Reexamining the evidence on Ultra-Orthodox attitudes and gender separation in academia; 49 Mishpatim—Hebrew U. Law Review (2019) [in Hebrew]; A short blog post summarizing take aways from the research is available in ICON-S-IL Blog; a second blog post analyzing the HCJ Barazon case, that cited the research is available in ICON-S-IL Blog

Press coverage: The Financial, Insight, Association of MBAs on If You’re Going to Do Wrong, at Least Do It Right: Moral Conflict Promotes Moral Consistency, 64(4) Management Science 1528-1540 (2017)

Press coverage: Ha’aretzThe MarkerHaredim10Seder Yom (IDF radio) on Bidirectional Legal Socialization and the Boundaries of Law: The Case of Enclave Communities Compliance with COVID-19 Regulations, Journal of Social Issues (forthcoming special issue on legal socialization, with Lotem Perry-Hazan)

Press coverage: Boston Globe, SCOTUSblog, National Constitution Center, on Religious Exemptions Increase Discrimination Towards Same-sex Couples: Evidence from Masterpiece CakeshopJournal of Legal Studies (forthcoming 2021)

Public Writing

Op-Ed in Ha’aretz on the necessary steps to fix Haredi education in Israel.

Op-Ed in Makor Rishon on whether the government must obey the law and how this question relates to civil disobedience (full version here)

Op-Ed in Ha’aretz on the Israeli rule of law crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic (full version here)

Article in the Atlantic on Religious Exemptions Increase Discrimination Towards Same-sex Couples: Evidence from Masterpiece CakeshopJournal of Legal Studies (forthcoming 2021) and A License to Discriminate? The Empirical Consequences and Normative Implications of Religious Exemptions, 56(1) Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review (forthcoming 2021)

Podcasts and academic Interviews

Watch this interview with Prof. David Levi-Faur, Chief Editor of Regulation & Governance, about my recent paper: Regulating for Integration by Behavioral Design. The paper provides new theoretical framework and empirical evidence on how to make the regulation for integration in multicultural societies more acceptable for minorities. The paper also offers broader insights for regulators who face regulatees with ideological objections, and we talk towards the end of the interview about the implications for COVID vaccine take-up.

Listen to this episode of The Hearing podcast (in Hebrew) where I talk about the emerging new field of research I am working on: Empirical Constitutional Law.

White Papers, Position Papers, on the Coronavirus Pandemic:

Ethics guidelines for the governmental regulation of the pandemic and its consequences (Hebrew)

Harnessing public cooperation during the pandemic (Hebrew)

Personal Decisions, Public Consequences: On Distinguishing between the Vaccinated and the Non-Vaccinated in Coronavirus Management; Hebrew position paper; English synopsis

Public Lectures

A lecture from Hebrew University’s Art and Brain Week of 2018 about Rationality and Judicial Decisionmaking (in Hebrew)